Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, CG2020 is indefinitely postponed. Please join our Discord to stay up to date on any potential reschedule.

Event info


Tickets now available on the Copenhagen Games website - general instructions here.

TF2 Players: 620 DKK / €83

Ticket price includes entrance to both HL and 6s tournaments. Ticket grants you access to the TF2 BYOC area.

It is possible to book tickets without having found a team yet. Once signed in on the Copenhagen Games website, create a team with yourself, the team name does not matter, and then book a ticket with your solo team. Once you find your final team, you can change to this team on the portal, using the name and password that your team leader has set.

Further information about tickets here.


Please bring your own peripherals or find out more about computer rentals.


Lokomotivværkstedet (click for map)
Otto Busses Vej 5A
2450 København SV


Indoor camping is available in a venue close to the central station for 55 DKK / €7 + shuttle bus.

If you wish to stay in accomodation away from the event site there are plenty of hotels and hostels in and around the city. Prices range from 185 DKK / €25 per night.

Spectator Tickets

For more information about spectator tickets, visit the tickets page on the Copenhagen Games website.

Get LAN tickets


If you bring your own car, there are several options for parking. Unfortunately it's extremely expensive to park in the center of Copenhagen.

  • Parking at the venue: 200 DKK per day
  • DGI Byen Parking garage: 250 DKK per day (Max fee): This is where the players sleeping halls are, you need to either walk (~25 min) or get public transport from there.
  • Fiske Torvet shopping centre (garage) 350 DKK per day: 15 mins walk to the venue

Parking on public roads is usually free in the evenings (after 19.00) and national holidays (which is Thursday April 9th - Monday April 13th), but you need to read the (danish) signs to make sure, as some roads allow it and some don't. You will usually need a parking metre which can be bought at most petrol stations for 5-10 euros. Pay attention to the signs, I have received a lot of parking tickets in Copenhagen!

Additional Information

Beyond this page we will be maintaining information of the following locations:
TFTV thread
CG TF2 Discord