Rental terms

Here you can book computer rental for Copenhagen Games 2020 TF2.

Note that only players with TF2 Tickets can book via this service. If you do not have a TF2 Ticket, rental booking may be available by contacting Copenhagen Games support via the official website.

You are only able to rent a full combo of computer+monitor.

Only PayPal can be accepted as payment form.

NOTE: Peripherals are not included in the rental, you must bring these yourself. This includes mouse(and mat), keyboard, headset, and any other peripherals you wish to use.

The number of available rentals is limited this year! For this reason you will need to pay the rental fee with seven (7) days of booking.

You take full responsibility for the equipment from the moment it is handed over to you, until you deliver it back to Copenhagen Games TF2 crew.

The equipment can be picked up on Wednesday the 8th of April, 2020 at the designated area in the Copenhagen Games venue. Signs will be posted directing you to the area, or alternatively ask a crew member for directions.

The equipment must be delivered back to Copenhagen Games TF2 crew on Saturday the 11th of April, no later than 19:00 CEST. Equipment is to be delivered at the same area as the pickup area.